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MCVA OFFSCRIPT is a platform created for students by the students. This blog is for students to share their personal stories, projects, events, suggestions for success and calls for creativity in the MCVA department. Our goal as a student run blog is to light the fire that equips our peers with the tools to encourage collaboration, creativity, and exploration as we work to build a stronger sense of community outside of the classroom. Students have words to say, so we give them a platform to say them!

OFFSCRIPT is a blog anyone within the MCVA department can contribute to as we are always looking for students who may be interested in submitting content on a freelance basis. Do you have a project you would like to share? Tell us about it! Got an event you need promoted? We can help you with that! Looking for fellow students to work with on an upcoming project or film? OFFSCRIPT is the best place for that! Submit anything and everything Pace MCVA related!

Our blog is a great place for students who want to get more involved or who just want to appreciate the work of their peers. All content is Pace MCVA related, a.k.a., content that is relevant to student interest. Students of the department can keep up to date on events, find opportunities to collaborate on, or relax with some light reading and film entertainment. After all, it’s a fun place! Let off steam and hangout with OFFSCRIPT.

If you are interested in writing or have a concept for the blog, email for more information.




Professor Jennifer Magas

Professor Jennifer Magas

Clinical Associate Professor

Jennifer Magas is a clinical associate professor at Pace University and a faculty advisor for Entrance One, the MCVA department’s PR club which executes all department events; The Pitch, the department newsletter; and MCVA OffScript, a student run department blog which builds a stronger sense of community outside of the classroom. She is also vice president of Magas Media Consultants, LLC (MMC) a Fairfield County Connecticut public relations agency specializing in media relations, crisis communications, professional writing, and media training. She has a wealth of experience in all aspects of public relations and communications to draw on from her 25 plus years as a college professor, reporter, recruiter, technical writer, trainer, and recovering attorney in a wide range of corporate, media outlet, and university settings. She speaks regularly on writing, workplace and PR topics and has spoken at conferences and been quoted or featured in over 200+ articles and blogs in The Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report,, TIME Magazine,, Ragan Communications, and NY Times. She talks fast and wear many hats: professor, lawyer, writer, speaker, trainer, mom, PR strategist, and marathoner. Go ahead. Try and keep up with her if you can.

Professor Heather Hayes

Professor Heather Hayes

Full-time Lecturer

Heather Hayes graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. in Communications from Pace University in 2017 and completed a Master’s degree in Media and Communication Arts at Pace in 2019, acquiring a 4.0 GPA. Additionally, for both her undergraduate and graduate studies, she earned a commencement award. Heather taught as an Adjunct Lecturer for three semesters before being promoted to Full-time Lecturer for the 2020-2021 academic year. Heather’s course catalogue includes Public Speaking, Multimedia Storytelling, Event Planning for PR, Casting, Story Idea Development, and Producing Corporate Video. Additionally, she is a faculty advisor for Entrance One, the MCVA department’s PR club which executes all department events, The Pitch, the department newsletter, and MCVA OffScript, a student run department blog which builds a stronger sense of community outside of the classroom.

Katie Walsh

Katie Walsh


Katie Walsh is a senior Public Relations, Digital Journalism and Sports Media student at Pace University in Pleasantville, NY graduating in December 2021. Walsh has been an active member of the Pace community and has taken various leadership roles. She is the current President of Entrance One Public Relations, the student-run public relations agency on-campus. In addition, she is the managing editor of the student-run newspaper The Pace Chronicle. Along with her student leadership commitments, she is a second-year editor for College Gym News covering all things College Gymnastics. Moreover, Walsh is a Level 3 certified USA Hockey coach. During the 2020 and 2021 seasons she worked with Western Connecticut Youth Jr. Colonials as an Assistant Coach for mites and squirts. Additionally, she is a member of the New York Rangers Youth Hockey Coaching Staff. Walsh has worked part-time throughout her college experience within customer service, as a barista and as a coach. Walsh is a current freelancer consultant for Magas Media LLC in Monroe, CT and was a former intern for the company. Walsh aspires to complete a Disney College Program and work for the Walt Disney Parks after graduation in a public relations, event planning, communications and/or social media role. She enjoys living a well-balanced healthy lifestyle and is looking to challenge herself with trying new things and aspires to becoming a traveler. She loves to cook, spend time with family/friends and create content for others. Walsh also helps run various social media accounts that are separate from her own. In 2021, she decided to expand an instagram account from posting healthy recipes to embody other passions, interests, and her path through life. In addition to revamping her @Katiekreates_ instagram, she launched a website to store her stories and work.
Sandra Chen

Sandra Chen

Co-Vice President

Sandra Chen is a junior communications major with a focus in public relations. Currently, she holds the role of vice president of the Entrance One PR Agency and the Asian Student Union on campus. In addition, she serves as a mentor for the First-Generation Mentorship program. She has also been an Orientation Leader and is excited to start her new role as a Resident Assistant.
Ariana Stoddard

Ariana Stoddard

Co-Vice President, Senator

Ariana Stoddard is a junior public relations major. She is currently the treasurer of Entrance One and has been a member since her freshman year. She has previously served as senator for the club.
Krissy Scott

Krissy Scott


Krissy Scott is a sophomore at Pace majoring in English and communications. Krissy is a New York native who enjoys nothing more than getting out and seeing the big city on her days off. Her hobbies include getting cozy at home with a poetry book, or discovering new places and capturing those moments with her sister and close friends!
Tiffany Decker

Tiffany Decker


Tiffany L. Decker is a senior Digital Cinema and Filmmaking major with a minor in Criminal Justice. She is currently the secretary of the Entrance One PR agency and is on the Senior Planning Committee for the Student Government Association. Also, she is a member of the Lambda Pi Eta Communications Honor Society. Over this past summer, she has been an Orientation Leader and will continue to guide new students as a Week of Welcome leader in September. After graduation, Tiffany plans to work her way into the film industry to create new stories to tell on screen for all to enjoy.
Entrance One E-Board

Entrance One E-Board


    • Katie Walsh – President
    • Sandra Chen – Co-Vice President
    • Ariana Stoddard – Co-Vice President, Senator
    • Krissy Scott – Treasurer
    • Tiffany Decker – Secretary



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