Pumpkin Spice everything, Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Holiday shopping season only symbolizes one thing: the season of fall is upon us, and with that comes the beautiful festivities of Thanksgiving!


The academic semester moves at an incredibly fast pace, and we have all devoted our time and efforts to ensuring our success inside and outside the classroom. But this week, I encourage you to close that weekly agenda planner, put your pencils down, and reflect on what it means to show thanks and be full of gratitude: take a full day to acknowledge your blessings, the life you live and the people around you, and become humbled by all your life experiences, the good and the bad. 


Here’s what two MCVA students: Brianne Gonzalez, junior Digital Journalism major, and Krissy Scott, sophomore English and Communications major, are most thankful for this holiday season!


  1. Great Professors


Since the pandemic, we’ve all had a rocky start transitioning into an in-person learning modality. And if you’re like me, you’ve had an even more difficult time differentiating between Alumni and Elm Hall your first two weeks. The faculty at Pace have been extremely empathetic this semester, offering additional guidance and assistance to students who may need it. This has been beneficial and helpful for all students who may need just an extra day to submit that essay.


  1. Connections that Last


I’m incredibly grateful for the connections I’ve made with students on campus. Coming off of a completely remote first-year experience, I had some concerns whether I’d be able to locate students in my graduating year or my department, and if we’d have a chance to connect with one another. Rest assured, I’ve found a few and I’m very grateful to have them! It is very difficult to see them packing up to fly back home for Thanksgiving, but I’m excited to finish off the semester strong once they return!


  1. Strong Student Engagement 


I’m grateful for the consistent efforts of student organizations for their dedication to increasing student involvement. I’ve seen countless seasonal events hosted by various organizations, and have heard such great feedback from students on their experiences. These individuals still devote their time to the success of these events, despite a hectic and rigorous academic semester. They’re essential to the college experience and listen to the demands and desires of the student body. You’re appreciated more than you know!


  1. Career Services 


As my academic career comes closer to an end, it is crucial that I gain professional experience to aid me in my job search in the near future. By utilizing Pace’s award-winning Career Services department, I was granted help with editing and updating my résumé, receiving and practicing interview skills, and advice and tips on creating my LinkedIn profile. After meeting with a Career Service advisor, I successfully received an internship for the summer of 2021 which has carried over into the current fall semester. I am extremely grateful for Career Services for all their professional guidance and for helping me achieve this opportunity. Take advantage of the beneficial resources our school has to offer! 


  1. Entrance One Family 

Even though this has been my first in-person semester with Entrance One PR Agency, each member fosters a welcoming environment for all to join! Just by attending a few meetings, it is evident that each member and both faculty advisors, Prof. Magas and Prof. Hayes, are all there to support you in gaining hands-on PR experience. From writing blogs to helping plan MCVA events, we work as a team! I am grateful to have gotten to meet and work beside the amazingly talented women of Entrance One. These are the connections I plan to keep hold to even after I graduate. 


These are just drops in the bucket of what MCVA students have to be thankful for. Remember to be thankful and share your gratitude this Thanksgiving! We would love to see your list! Share with us some things you’re thankful for by tagging @PaceMCVA in your posts. 

About the Writers:

Brianne Gonzalez is a junior Digital Journalism major and feature editor for The Pace Chronicle. She is also a member of Entrance One PR Agency where she assists in editing MCVA Offscript blogs. Outside of school, she is a communications intern for a nonprofit organization, The Fresh Air Fund.


Krissy Scott is a sophomore English and Communications major. She is a writer for the Pace Chronicle and the Treasurer of Entrance One where she runs the MCVA Offscript blog. Krissy’s personal interests include photography and writing.