Andrew Martinez

Writing Public Relations Copy

Professor Jennifer Magas

9, March 2020

5 Reasons to Join Entrance One

 As an MCVA major or minor it is crucial to take part in all of the wonderful programs and clubs the department has to offer! Sure, as a journalism major you could write for the Pace Chronicle, or as a digital cinema and film major you could join WPAW to hone your audio editing skills but what about the PR majors? If you have a passion for Public Relations or event planning then you should really consider going to Entrance One… and no, I don’t just mean Pace’s first entrance. So, here are 5 reasons to join Pace University’s very own Public Relations organization!

1- Hands-On Experience

In this day and age, many companies are looking for more than just a young intern with drive and a dream, they want experience! Entrance One is designed to give students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, conferencing with clients to discover what they are hoping to accomplish, hold actual positions with a realistic workplace hierarchy, attend organization meetings to discuss goals and delegate assignments, and much more. Entrance one members create visual and print promotional content, plan events geared towards improving audience attendance and working with clients to help them with their brand image.

 2- Real-Life Clients

Yes, Entrance One works with on-campus organizations but believe me,  they are treated as real clients. Entrance One is a professional organization and thus treats all those who come to them with projects as such. This gives members an insight into what working in a real work environment will be. Entrance One also works with off-campus clients, which gives members a taste of what working with a client at a Public Relations agency will be like. Don’t worry though, because both on-campus and off-campus clients get the same attention to detail, treatment, and TLC as any other client would.

 3- Creating That Killer Resume

If getting hands-on experience and working with real clients hasn’t already sold you on the idea of joining Entrance One, then knowing all the work you do for the organization could be added to your resume definitely should. As mentioned before, companies are looking for EXPERIENCE and where are they searching for this? Your resume of course! Like any internship or part-time job, the position you hold as a member of Entrance One can be added to your resume. Not only that but any work you help create or single-handedly create while a member of Entrance One can be added to a portfolio to showcase your skills to future employers!

4- Getting Involved On Campus         

You’re not getting the most out of college if you are just sitting in your room watching Netflix. Getting involved on campus is a great way to make connections not only temporarily but for life! Joining Entrance One, just as joining any other organization, will allow you to connect with students in your field of study. This will allow you to network with those that may be graduating before you, with you, or after you which could help you get a future job at a great company or share ideas, knowledge, and techniques with those that will potentially be working in your field for years to come.

 5- Ensuring This Field Is Right For You

Some of you might come into college “knowing” that your major is exactly what you want to do. In reality, my friends, a large majority of college students, end up changing their major at some point in their collegiate career. By joining Entrance One as early as possible, you can receive hands-on experience working with real clients. Getting involved in an organization that directly relates to your major allows you to network with those who are in the same field as you. Joining Entrance One is a great way to get acclimated to the Public Relations field to see if it is truly something that interests you.

 The MCVA department at Pace University gives its students the most when it comes to experiential and hands-on learning. For students interested in Public Relations and other related fields, joining Entrance One is a great step to building your knowledge, skills, and resume! The niche club allows members to take on leadership roles and truly practice and participate in real-world circumstances when it comes to the media field. Joining Entrance One is an asset to your experience here at Pace University. Ultimately remember as long as you’re involved in doing what you truly enjoy with a positive attitude, you will succeed in everything you do!

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