Stephanie Nazario

10 Reasons Why You Should Join the Media, Communications, and Visual Arts (MCVA) Department

  Are you a high school student looking into colleges? Are you a transfer student? Do you have a keen interest in filmmaking, journalism, public relations, or the visual arts, and seek related hands-on experience? Here is a list of 10 reasons why you should join the Media, Communications, and Visual Arts (MCVA) departmental programs offered at the Pace University Pleasantville Campus: 

  • The courses allow you to gain hands-on experience. 


    You’ll learn about the field you choose to study through stimulation courses, trifecta courses, or work-based courses. Stimulation courses are scenario-based courses that allow you to develop skills in dealing with hypothetical situations to help better your knowledge. Trifecta courses are three different courses taught together as one. Each course has its own specialty but teaches the same concepts. Work-based courses are lecture-based and help students learn the concepts and instruments to be used throughout the program. 

Case Studies in PR mocks a photo during “their event”

  • The MCVA Department takes pride in its state-of-the-art communications center.

   MCVA students have access to state-of-the-art facilities in our Communications Center. From 4K camcorders and cinema-quality video cameras to audio recorders and iPad kits, students are allowed to use these materials to create films, photography, and/or podcasts. The Communications Center also houses 37 iMac computers, which are built-in with software from  Adobe Creative Cloud, Avid Media Composer, and DaVinci Resolve. Our department is also home to two studio spaces, an audio recording room, and a screening room. You can learn how to properly use these programs and tools in your classes and once trained, you can spread your wings and fly!

Rachel Weiss ‘20 filming a ladybug in Willcox 35

  • The professor to student ratio is small. 

With a small 14:1 student-professor ratio, professors can spend more one-on-one time with their students and aid in your personal development based on what you want to pursue your degree. Since the student to professor ratio is low, students often get the chance to create projects or run ideas by their professors to get better advice from people who are experienced in their field. 

  • Students produce a full-fledged documentary in a course entitled “Making a Documentary”.

All students are welcome to participate in this course. All aspects of the communications field are necessary to produce and create a documentary. Students will go on a trip based on their chosen theme to film their documentary. Some examples of themes and places to travel are Hawaii after the volcanic eruption or Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Afterward, students work diligently to create and edit their documentary where they will have it premiered at both the NYC and the PLV campuses. The premiere party is planned by the PR students, making it an all student-run initiative.

Mico Coluccio ’19, Ashely Rose Desalvo ’21, Joseph Gonzalez ’19 filming a destroyed home in Leilani Estates

  • Although the department is small, we are branching out with new student-run organizations. 

      There are four clubs based around the major and minor programs within our department. The official Pace Pleasantville campus radio station, WPAW,  keeps you updated and buzzed with commentary and DJing during any major on-campus event. Entrance One is a new student-run PR agency club open to students from all majors. The club is intended for those who have an interest and would like to hone their skills in public relations, marketing/advertising, graphic design, video production, event planning, writing, or journalism. The Pace Chronicle is the official student-run newspaper that meets every Monday at noon. The Pace Chronicle publishes articles about Pace exclusive news, features, opinion pieces, arts & entertainment, and sports. Lastly, the Film Club is welcome to all students who are enthusiastic about developing their filmmaking skills. They regularly host movie-themed events including movie trivia and movie nights.


  • We have catered events that allow students to bond with other students, faculty members, and even notable alumni. Some of our most popular events are: 


Connections in Communications: This event brings back notable alumni that have graduated from the MCVA department. Alumni come back to advise, inform, and network with students who are looking to become successful in the communications field. 

MCVA Jamboree: Professors are put on the spot during this event! All MCVA professors, within two minutes or less, explain their course offerings for the upcoming semester before official registration is opened for all students.  

The Blue & Golden Globes Awards Ceremony: Just like the Golden Globes, the MCVA department celebrates students’ achievements throughout the year in a culminating award ceremony. Students can win trophies, raffle prizes, and bragging rights for their resume at this upscale event. 

  • Honors Societies 

 Eligible students can join honor societies such as Lambda Pi Eta and the Society of Collegiate Journalists. Lambda Pi Eta is an honor society for the National Communication Association. The Society of Collegiate Journalists honors students for their achievements in publications and in broadcasting. 

Newest Members of the Society of Collegiate Journalists 

  • Students within our department land impressive internship opportunities.

From the Dr. Oz Show to HBO, our students have gained many once-in-a-lifetime experiences while pursuing a Communications degree. Since completing an internship is required for our degree programs, students begin building their resume from freshman year until graduation, which in turn helps them solidify a job after college.


  • New York City is less than an hour away! 

 From the daily commute for student internships to planning a day or a weekend outing, students can get inspired by the diverse melting pot, chaos, and various cultural offerings by traveling to NYC on the Metro-North Harlem line train. 

  • No matter what, your work does not go unrecognized. 



Since most courses are hands-on, the MCVA department classes help students create finished products such as flyers, ad copy, research papers, and films to add to their repertoire and portfolio. Their finished work can also be showcased within the department as examples of exemplary work. Professors as well as staff members will make sure students’ work gains the recognition it deserves even if it is just within their department. 


To find out more related information about the MCVA department follow us on social media @PaceMCVA using Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Twitter. You can also contact the following people with more general or specific questions: 

  1. Bea Simon – Program Coordinator (914) 773-3790                      
  2. Chris Lengers – Lab Manager (914) 773-3846                                            
  3. Dr. Paul Ziek – Department Chairperson (914) 773-3672 
  4. Maria Luskay, EdD  (914) 773 – 3353 


This is a link to a short video of why students chose to pursue any of the MCVA departmental programs:


Stephanie Nazario is a senior Public Relations major. She is currently an Entertainment Public Relations Intern at ID Public Relations. Stephanie is Executive Vice President of the Student Government Association and is very involved on campus and with the MCVA department.