Hannah Gardner

Professor Magas

MCA 337: Public Relations

7 Reasons Why Communications is the Best Major

April 1st, 2020

 You Have the Highest Career Opportunities When You Graduate!

Communications is not just about how to communicate with the world. In fact, the major is so broad you can use it for almost anything! After you graduate you are subjected to a variety of different fields. You might want to become a public relations specialist, a designer, an advertising or marketing manager, or even a TV Host. The sky is the limit in this field!

  1. You Seek Hands on Experience in and Out of the Classroom!


Are you tired of lecturing? Does your 9 am class feel like a drag? Well it doesn’t if you’re a communications major! One of the biggest perks about this major is that a large quantity of the curriculum is based on hands-on learning. Not only do you get the experience from your professor, but they also help you find incredible internships. Ever dream of working for NBC, MTV or Disney? Now is your chance to change majors! Communications majors are “doers”. You have the opportunity to put your writing, film, and designing skills to the task. Our MCVA department is amazing at challenging students with hands-on experiences. You will learn how to write on a time crunch, design social media posts, and even create your own magazine!

  • The Variety of Classes are Endless!


I won’t lie to you, yes, we still have to take core classes to complete our major. But, a majority of our education is based on classes you pick! You get to experience a wide variety of different communication, such as; journalism, film classes, public relations, and many more. One interesting class I took and never thought I would like is Ethics in Media. This class provides you with the knowledge of ethical and unethical situations within journalism and the media. For instance, think about what is ethical in terms of privacy? Can you take a picture of a celebrity’s child? Can you write about a celebrity’s death before the family is notified? Is Bloomberg’s candidacy unethical because he owns a large news organization that reports on politics? Take the class to find out! You have the ability to take classes pertaining to broadcasting, family communications, and much more! You have the opportunity to take a variety of classes in order to figure out exactly what field you are most interested in. 

  •  Our Professors are off the Chain!


Our professors devote so much time into our department, it’s insane! They aren’t just your typical “lecture and leave” professors. Do you need help after class? Do you need help finding an internship? Would you like to get involved in our department? Aren’t sure of what classes to take? Our professors are like an encyclopedia, they know everything! Not only are they brilliant, but they also care about every student. They take time out of their lives to make sure we are getting the best education possible, in and out of the classroom. They are incredibly talented and experienced in various fields. They truly love helping students excel in the classroom and analyze what field you may have a strong suit in. For example, Professor Magas is experienced in the Public Relations field. She owns Magas Media Consultants, LLC and applies her real-life experiences into her class projects. In addition, she has helped numerous students find internships and in fact, hired some of them to help events she puts together! That is just one example of our many phenomenal professors in our department.

  • Our Skills Are Multifaceted!


Our skills subject us to a variety of different fields. One of the many perks about our major is we have many talents. Although you may be interested in journalism, you will still learn how to edit a film. If you are more interested in filmmaking, you are still taught how to write a news article. Not only will you know how electronic media works but you’ll also know how print media works. Our major doesn’t focus on one specific concentration, we are family, we learn it all! All the different fields we learn about not only gives us a variety of skills but also help us find our strong suit for our future. In addition, we work with others because communication is about teamwork! We all use our strong suits to create #AWESOME social media posts, films, articles and much more!


  • Our Community of Students Lean on Each Other for Support


Are you tired of doing everyone else’s part of the project? Communication majors don’t have that problem! Everyone in your group will bring different skills to the table. We don’t rely on one person to get the task done. Everyone works as a team to accomplish tasks. Not only are your peers reliable, but they are helpful as well. Lean on upperclassmen for support! They aren’t scary, I promise. They have been in your shoes and they know just what to say to guide you in the right direction. Don’t forget to get involved in our department clubs! It is the best way to make friendships with people who are just as passionate as you are. Need a place to do homework? Go to the MCVA department lounge and meet new friends! Lean on each other for support!

  • We Meet All Kinds of People!


Have you always dreamed of meeting a famous person? Well, Communications is the best opportunity for that. Not only will you meet people like Bradley Cooper (a Pace Alum) but you will also meet people through networking. Communications is all about networking. You will be exposed to so many opportunities and have the chance to connect with a variety of different people. Not just famous people, but potentially the company where you always dreamed of working. Don’t forget to go to internship fairs and the Career Services department. These outlets will help you find connections by opening doors to numerous networking opportunities!

As you can see Communications is not just about communicating. Although, I will say employers want people who have excellent communication skills so don’t get me wrong, communication is key. But, you have the chance to be open to learning a variety of different skills, fields and clubs that will enhance your future. Communications is so broad that it opens a door to numerous job opportunities. Remember the sky’s the limit in this field! 


Hannah Gardner is a Communications Major pursuing a double minor in Criminal Justice and Cyber Security. Hannah is on the lookout for a good internship for the Fall semester. Hannah is in the Pforzheimer Honors College and looks forward to graduating in May 2021.