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Major Indecision: My Journey to the MCVA Department

Going into college as an indecisive 18-year-old, I felt it was perfectly reasonable for me to pick a major that would direct not only my next four years of study, but probably the rest of my working life. Having gone through college, now a 21-year-old, I feel like that whole “rest of my working life” thing was not stressed enough when coming in. You hear from time to time that life is not a game, but then the education system throws you some college recruiters, a stack of pamphlets, and says “Choose your own adventure.” Long story short, I thought I may have chosen the wrong adventure.

My first run in with career decisions was in 5th grade. —And yes, I am going back that far, but it won’t be long, so chill— At this ending point in my suburban elementary school life, we, as a class, were informed to pair up with a buddy and find a mentor in the field of a future career interest. My friend Matt and I initially wanted to be chefs, but “ThAt JoB iS aLrEaDy TaKeN.” News flash: There are more than four chefs in the world, Mr. Duffy, let us cook!

So we had to settle for the second most exciting career, police officer— Don’t get me wrong, I ended up loving the project and my mentor, and at some point considered becoming a cop, but then America did what America does sometimes; ruin something that seems like it could be pretty cool. Who knows? I probably wouldn’t have minded becoming an officer in a quaint foreign village with a low crime rate that was once colonized by the British empire so they still speak English.


Don’t worry, there’s a point that I’m getting to, but I’ll skip ahead so we can get there— When applying to various colleges, I initially applied to Pace University as a Psychology major, as I was taking a Psychology class I liked at the time— but for some reason that still eludes me— However, I applied to other schools as a Marketing major. Then came acceptance, denial, and decision time, when I completely donked up my FAFSA (Free Application For Student Aid), by checking a box I was not supposed to check for an oddly worded question, and received little to no financial aid for all the schools that accepted me. All except one; Pace University. After I made the correction, Pace reached out to confirm the change with paper work, which the other schools did not, so the decision for my next four years was basically made.

Listen to me when I say that this is when the universe / God / Dreaming Space Turtle took action.

Fast forward to my Sophomore at Pace, two years deep in the psychology department and I DO NOT want to be a psychologist, or psychiatrist, or mental health counselor—Though in hindsight, I convinced myself otherwise— Which leads to my major-major lesson one; If you have to constantly convince yourself or doubt that you are in the right major, then it ain’t it chief. 

After looking inwards to the things I enjoyed, which included watching TV, hammocking, and space, I developed a new answer. With my math, physics, and ambitions too far gone to join the NASA team, and Pro-Hammocking being years away from development, finding a career in television was something I could definitely get behind. 

When I spoke to my advisor about what I would possibly want to do in the television field, she directed me to the Media, Communications, and Visual Arts department. Here, I found my major in Communications, which felt at home and made me sure of my path. She also mentioned that I was ONE CREDIT away from a completed Psychology minor. One Credit. (I.e. If I took a four credit class Psych class Freshman to Sophomore year in lieu of a three credit course, I’d have it in the bag, but now I have to take a whole three credit course just to get that one—We dropped the ball here, Dreaming Space Turtle.)

3 Major-Major Takeaways From My Journey;

  1. You have time

Assuming you are not a senior, there is still time to find your right path and choose/change your major to a field you actually want to pursue. Pace has great advisors and the right resources to help students find their passions and point them in the right direction. (If you are a senior TAKE ACTION NOW).


  1. Passion > Practicality

While it is okay to stay in a major because it will lead you to a “safe” or “stable” career, with lots of “money”, remember that you are most likely putting in your time here at Pace in order to put even more time into your future career. Also just look at your Pace Bill. Do you really want to spend that on a career you don’t love when it will be even higher in ten years when you want to change your career? 

(Side note: many adults say their current career is not what they majored in, but still only attended college for four years) But if you are leaning to make a 180° major change, turn now, while the tuition is still “low”.

  1. The Pace MCVA Department is Honestly The Best

Although I have only been in the department for about two years now, I regret not being a part of it sooner. The professors are helpful, qualified, and care enough to launch any individual in the right direction. Pretty much every aspect of the department is QUALITY. Along with being the most creative part of Pace, students are given the best resource to carry out their individual and group projects to their utmost potential. (I swear this isn’t an Ad, I’m just a fan).