Kimberly Llewellyn

Pace MCVA from a Transfer Student’s Perspective

     As a transfer student, enrolling at Pace University was the best decision I’ve made for my college career. At my previous college, I was a communications major and graduated with an Associates of Arts (AA) degree. Pace appealed to me because it offered a complete hands-on experience for the career opportunities in my desired profession. The MCVA (Media, Communications, and Visual Arts) department specifically drew me to want to attend Pace based on the various programs they offered. Furthermore, their emphasis on real-world experience and their different course offerings were enough for me to send an application and pray for an acceptance letter.

Acceptance Letter

   I was jumping with joy after reading my acceptance letter to Pace. I was thrilled to begin a new chapter in my life, after making a series of terrible mistakes. I toured both Pace campuses and found the Pleasantville campus is where I NEED to be to pursue a Bachelors of Arts (BA) in communications. The Pace Pleasantville campus seemed to scream, “WE WILL GET YOU THE MATERIALS YOU NEED.”

What It’s Been Like

   Frankly speaking, switching schools wasn’t new to me; I’ve done it my whole life. What was difficult to me was making sure that this was the field I wanted to be in. I wasn’t sure if communications was too broad of a major or if I should pick a more focused one. I thought I loved film until I realized my passion for it was not as strong as the other film majors. So, I stuck with communications because I needed to feel open minded and not tied down to something I might regret. I was getting experience from all around, and what sparked me the most was public relations. After taking Professor Magas’ PR and Advertising classes, I kept my focus solely on PR. I felt the same passion for it that other degree specific students felt. I want to work in PR for the rest of my life after college.

Why I am STILL a Communications Major

I only had one more semester left after fully deciding to focus on PR once I graduate. I felt a major change would set me back. But as I said, Pace’s MCVA department gives me the materials to ensure I can dabble in everything that a future employer might ask. I am mainly taking PR classes but staying a communications major allows me to explore many options rather than stick to one thing.

The Great Department

The MCVA department is like a second family to me. If I need anything, I know the faculty members or professors will help me out. If I am stuck in a situation I know they will be a helping hand. I have never felt such a close environment before like this. Specifically, this family like atmosphere in an educational setting. It is refreshing to know that there are mentors and people here that want to help you succeed. 

Overall Experience

 The Pace MCVA experience from a transfer student’s perspective, who was unsure of what they wanted to pursue, can be rated as 1000 out of 10. If I could start over my college career again it would be here from start to finish. I know now that I would get the preparation I needed post-graduation because of this amazing department. I recommend that if you are interested in pursuing a communications major as a transfer student to send an application to Pace. You won’t regret a single thing. Who knows, you might even get a job out of it!