Ryan Fowler

Why I Chose to be a Communications Major

  As a child, I was intrigued by all forms of technology. Growing up in the early 2000’s, I was a part of the last generation of kids who did not not have iPhones in our hands as babies. Despite the lack of smartphones, there was still other innovative technology I got to play with: computer programs, video games, non-smart phones. These experiences led me to becoming well-versed in a multitude of technologies because they came natural to me. As I grew older, I became the “tech guy” of not just my family but amongst my friends as well. People would turn to me whenever their devices were acting up, which may sound like a hassle but I didn’t mind it. I’ve learned so many tech skills over the years by exploring a multitude of programs. By the time I had reached high school, I had developed both a skill-set and passion for learning technology and in assisting other people. The more research I did for the college searches, the more certain I became that I was very interested in the communications major. The schools I looked at focused on how pivotal technology and public engagement is for this field, which was basically a combination of the two things I did regularly growing up. Even though the communications major allows for you to learn about the many different aspects of the field, my favorite part was always graphic design. Luckily enough, Pace allows for me to minor in this which works out perfectly for me. I encourage you to do exactly this, majoring in communications so you get to experience the various subgenres and when you become skilled at or just enjoy one, minor in it.  Here are a few reasons why I enjoy being a communications major at Pace.

  1. Learning is a hands-on experience

One of my favorite parts about being a communications major is the amount of hands-on experience I have inside and out of the classroom. I’m a firm believer in practice makes perfect, and Pace University follows the same philosophy in the MCVA Department.  A class in which you can work in this manner is Computers for Human Empowerment.  In this class, you are assigned a project that lasts the entirety of the semester where you work with an older or younger family member and teach them how to effectively use a computer program to their advantage. When I took the class, I spent a few months teaching my younger brother how to use Adobe Photoshop. He quickly caught on as I taught and, by the end of the semester, he had learned so much that he had begun teaching our youngest brother how to use the program! This semester-long experience really opened my eyes to how effective hands-on learning can be. I never really taught someone directly how to master a program—sure I’ve shown some people a few basic steps on how to use programs, but never in such a way as this.  Helping out the Family: Here I am teaching my brother how to use Adobe Photoshop, for my Computer for Human Empowerment Class

  1. The professors truly care for their students

In my two semesters at Pace University, I can say with genuine honesty that I have formed a great relationship with every one of my professors. As a college student, it’s valuable to take the time to get to know each of your instructors, and when they do the same to you, it truly enhances your education. Professors will offer their talents and knowledge to the fullest of their ability and are always welcoming to any questions students may have. Every professor I have been taught by has a very personable, approachable complex and guides you every step of the way. 

  1. Being educated in the communications field is essential in the modern world of technology

In a world run by innovative technology and artificial intelligence, it’s essential to know the basis of media. The communications/media field is rapidly growing and there are multiple opportunities that a degree in this field can provide for you. If you are unsure of what exactly you want to do post college,  this field of study is great because you get to take different courses that provide you with a well-rounded basis of knowledge that can be utilized in a multitude of ways. At Pace, you have the opportunity to dabble in many different areas of the large communications/media field through introductory and specialized courses in whatever you please. On the flip-side, if you choose to hone in on one particular area of the field, Pace allows for you to do that as well. For instance, as a student who loves graphic design, I elected to make that my minor and take classes to learn the art of digital graphic design while keeping my major as communications for a broader overall educational experience.  What Could Go Wrong: Without a Pace Education, you could end up like Spongebob here In conclusion, the communications major at Pace University is very welcoming of anyone who is either set on a future career or is still questioning what they want to do in life. Just like anything else, you get what you put in from this major. It’s challenging in a fair way, but If you apply yourself to the fullest of your abilities, you are bound to be successful both at Pace University and with your communications career.  Willcox Hall: Where all media and communications classes are held on the Pace Pleasantville campus

Bio: My name is Ryan Fowler and I’m a junior at Pace University majoring in communications and minoring in graphic design. I’m a first year student at Pace, as I spent my first two years at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. As a commuter and a transfer, I was unsure of how my social life would be at school, but I was happy to find out how easy it is to make friends at Pace and I truly felt welcome as a Setter nearly immediately!