Paolo Ferreira

Write Up

My major is currently journalism because I want to do sports journalism. Recently, Pace University has added a sports management minor that I have applied for and is now available for all Pace students.

When first deciding what I should do with my career and what path I should go down, I instantly wanted to be more involved with sports or at least find a profession that will keep me in contact with the sports world.

Personally, I found love for Pace University because of the opportunities and connections Pace has that help students every year they attend Pace.  I ultimately chose my major because I found a passion for talking and writing about sports. When arriving to Pace I joined the Pace Chronicle and interviewed my first college athlete with a SID, (Sports Information Director)  and found the insides of how the  process works and how to treat and prepare to ask questions for the interview.

Students should consider becoming a sports writer for many reasons. First, the thrill of being next to world-class athletes can be a hard space to not be a fan, but to truly understand and study a player’s statistics is one of the most valued things in sports arguments and discussions because it’s the facts that truly drives and is relied on in most sports shows like ESPN. Secondly, the profession is always in need whether it be for an off beat paper or for a specific centered newspaper station that requires this information to be sent. Third and finally, a jack-of-all-trades and being more than just writing about games and athletes it has become more about communication and media development which is very valued.

            Another advantage of being a sports writer is timeliness. In today’s age, there is a huge digital presence and there are several different ways information can be spread. Becoming a jack of all trades means knowing all ways of media like programming, editing, camera skills, journalism, and media prevalence.

To become a sports writer you need to be tech-savvy and knowledgeable of all media platforms. You have to want to work 24/7 because news and even news about sports never stops. This is a constant job; by this I mean sports news is driven by the latest happenings and statistics and you will need to showcase your passion to your connections to be the one to cover that breaking story. This will cause credibility to rise and you will work your way up the ladder in the business.

Many ask, “With Print journalism on the decline would it affect your career as a sports journalist?”

Simply being more valuable and understanding various methods to release information will help grapple with the decline in print journalism. Larger publications for sports like Sports Illustrated and ESPN Insider still do publish and there are ample opportunities for sports stories almost daily, which create a need for new material for people to discuss and debate.

When becoming a sports writer you not only find stories to maintain interest, but also to maintain viewership, you also need to keep up with the latest changes in technology. Media has such an effect on being a sports journalist because there are so many platforms and different devices to deliver sports information. For example, the radio stations have been playing games on the AM stations since 2001 and are still trying to find ways to gain fans through different systems.


            When becoming a sports writer, creating your own style is key to learning how to not only promote your stories, but to create and brand a name for yourself. This aspect of the career concerns me because it is becoming a popularity contest and if you release the story first, you will get the accolades that come from releasing that information. However, to be in that position to gain that type of notoriety can be very challenging, even if it is exciting.

In some ways, becoming your own brand is fun because you get to express your professionalism through your writing and also your voice and who you are, and how you talk, which will correlate to your success in the field.

If undecided what about the classes would give a student the incentive to join MCVA classes and what may come from it?

Many of the MCVA classes that I have enrolled in have helped my writing and have given me an expanded knowledge on the different forms of writing and the tools to create better information and display it throughout different media platforms. The professors in the field are very knowledgeable and work together for certain projects like the MCVA Showcase, which is currently still looking for volunteers! Many of my professors  have helped me in other ways like teaching me: how to conduct an interview, how to promote myself, how to be creative without being excessive.

            To learn tips to advance  your writing and create a style that differs amongst competitors and help set you apart from other writers. The university gives students the chance to be a part of many organizations like the newspaper. This sets you up with editors and a deadline to teach you how to manage your responsibilities and show companies that you have experience working in that type of environment. Students should not only come to Pace, but to study in the field of communications because there are always news outlets looking for new ways to inform the masses and the profession will always be in need of people with good skills.