Ever since I first discovered the Podcast app on my phone in 2014, I was instantly obsessed with it. From there, radio became my passion. I would listen to the Elvis Duran Show every morning and afternoon, on the bus to and from school. I got into news sources as well, and CBS 880 and 1010 WINS are the only stations you’ll hear morning, day, and night in my car, as I listen to Larry Muller cracking jokes about his grandson. Even Spotify’s podcasts are not safe from my relentless hunt for good radio, as the Joe Exotic podcast by Wondery made it on my radar, after binging Tiger King for the third time.

Radio Gaga
I love radio because it’s something that you can do while working on something else, requires passive listening, and you still retain information from it. In my freshman year at Iona College, before I transferred to Pace, I was a part of the campus radio station, WICR, with my own show with my friend, Katy. The Lexi and Katy Show we called it, and every Friday at 1:00pm we just sat and talked about everything and anything, like the Sonic Movie, Pokemon Go, or even Blue Will Smith. We had them on WICR’s YouTube page, though some of them might be private.

When I learned about WPAW, I was thrilled. Finally, I can start up a new show! But, what would it be about? I was thinking of doing pop culture like back in The Katy Show, but I found another passion of mine; civics. John Oliver, Trevor Noah, and Hasan Minhaj have all tackled subjects such as voter suppression, tax policy, and gerrymandering, all in ways that are digestible to the general audience. I actually have plans to interview a few of the faculty such as those in the Master’s of Public Administration and J.D. programs on their opinions on current events, such as the Supreme Court nominee and the grand jury’s decision not to indict Breonna Taylor’s killers.

Media Madness
Media is a passion of mine. I grew up reading newspapers with flashy headlines, so you won’t be confused about what the editors want you to concentrate on. I also read the free papers in the subway. Hell, before lockdown I even went to my local library, so I could read the daily newspapers for free. I love the news. I love how topical, how interesting, how crazy it can be. I love how it can teach you new things about your community and yourself. I love how it brings people together over a common thread.

Many Different Paths
The best part about a Communications degree is that it’s flexible in terms of careers. It can be applied to almost anything. Television, internet, movies, anything to do with media, you can get a career in. It can also be paired with almost any kind of minor, and it still can blend perfectly. The fact that Pace is so close to New York City is also a bonus, as you’re right next to the media center of the world, and thus, more career opportunities. The MCVA Department has helped students gain internships at media affiliates like ABC Eyewitness News. I actually managed to get a position as a Communications Intern at YAI, an organization that helps young adults with disabilities.

I originally wanted to study Political Science, but as I looked through career options, I found them…lacking as there were not many fields for full-time work in my areas of interest. Communications was my minor, so I switched them, and I am now minoring in Political Science in conjunction with my new major. It’s a great way to integrate my two interests.

What I’ve Done at Pace
As a Communications student at Pace University, I also wanted to work on my skills through extracurriculars. I’m currently a part of the Pace Chronicle, the campus newspaper, as well as CHROMA, the university art magazine, and Her Campus, an online publication. Furthermore, I am part of the Pace Book Club (we never read the books, just meme), Entrance One, the student-run PR agency, and I have a spot on the Campus Programming Board.

What’s Going on Now?
I’m incredibly busy, because I’m trying to beef up my resume as much as possible. Unfortunately, some things got sidetracked due to the coronavirus pandemic, but I’m trying to adapt as much as possible to the changes made in my life. All told, I’m excited to be a part of the MCVA department and am looking forward to applying my passion for the news to my classes, internships and extracurricular activities!

About the Author: Alexis Friedman is a Junior at Pace Pleasantville. She is studying Communications with a double minor in Politics and Journalism, and is a student writer for the Pace Chronicle, as well as a member of Entrance One, Pace Book Club, and the Partnership of Women for Empowerment and Respect. After graduation, she plans to attend law school so she could become a general counsel for a media company or non-profit.